In the Polynesian language, the word Huna means that which is hidden and refers specifically to knowledge of the spiritual nature of man. It offers a unique, specific and detailed approach to spiritual development. Huna is a way of life containing elements of philosophy, psychology, and religion, offering practical, easy-to-learn methods of personal and spiritual growth.

Max Freedom Long, who researched for many years to decode and uncover the secret tradition, called Huna a "psycho-spiritual system," but it is easy to see it as a system of natural magic existing in the world today, emphasizing spiritual growth and understanding rather than the manipulation of events. It is used in the sense of power for, not power over the natural world.

Huna teaches that man is composed of three separate and independent units of consciousness which make use of the physical body during life. This belief correlates with modern psychology's subconscious mind (emotional self), conscious mind (mental self), and superconscious mind (divine self). Each "mind" uses a basic life force or “mana” for a specific purpose. Proper utilization of mana, plus the Huna techniques of creative prayer, can create success for everyone, whether measured in terms of money, power, health, or peace of mind.

The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins by Jennifer Martin is a breakthrough novel in which the main character, Kat Romero, uses Huna in her everyday life. Jennifer has been an advocate of Huna and Hawaiian mysticism since 1983. It is her hope that readers worldwide will become curious about the Huna way of life and will seek out more information about this ancient practice on their own.