"Jen Martin creates a haunting heroine with Kat Romero in The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins. This well-written debut novel not only brings to light the secrets of Huna, but helps readers to perhaps find illumination for their own lives."
—Catherine Lanigan, author of Divine Nudges: Tales of Angelic Intervention, The Christmas Star, Jewel of the Nile and Romancing the Stone

"The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins is a spellbinding tale of intrigue, romance and sorcery. Unfamiliar with Hawaiian mysticism, I was instantly swept up in this cultural, suspense-filled story and could not put the book down. The Huna Warrior is definitely a must-read for all Harry Potter fans!"
—Dahlynn McKowen, author of Chicken Soup for the Fisherman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul

"Jennifer Martin brings together the world of education and the ancient lore of Hawaii in a work of fiction that includes lifelike characters, sorcery, danger, mystery and romance. Kat Romero is an engaging character as she takes on the dark side of power while learning to come into her own."
—Charlotte Berney, author of Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism

"The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins demonstrates the principles and techniques of Huna in practical, real-life situations. How delightful to learn the Huna Way of Life while enjoying a novel of mystery and intrigue!"
—E. Otha Wingo, Ph.D., President of Huna Research, Inc. and Professor Emeritus of Southeast Missouri State University

"The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins unearths a treasure trove of secrets about ancient Hawaiian mysticism still used today by Huna practitioners worldwide. A great read! I highly recommend it."
—Lloyd Youngblood, certified Huna practitioner (retired)

"Experiencing Kat Romero’s plunge into the Huna Way of Life is a way to vicariously dive into your own depths and your own possibilities. The Huna wisdom Kat embraces will open you up to a new and deeper understanding of your true nature as spiritual beings."
— Bud Gardner, author of Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul

"Revealing. Beguiling. Entertaining. This first book of The Huna Warrior series delivers the goods. It’s a well-written story which uncovers the ancient secrets of Hawaii with a wealth of unforgettable characters, plot twists and suspense."
—Barb Rogers, author of Mystic Glyphs, and Feng Shui in a Day

"Finally, a spellbinding novel that incorporates the secrets of the ancient Hawaiians is here. Don’t miss The Huna Warrior, an intriguing page-turner to the very end."
—Ethel Bangert, Sacramento author and writing teacher

"The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins leaves the reader with an understanding of how the spirit of Huna is received and delivered for the good of all. This thought-provoking story, along with the author's insightful prose, keeps the reader involved, motivated, and wanting to learn more about the magic of Huna."
—Rose Benson, author of I of a Tiger

"Thanks for the enjoyable read! I saved your book for my vacation, and am glad I did. I appreciated your mix of stories laced with the teachings of Huna...entertainment plus education about a new (to me) spiritual practice. Very satisfying. And a pat on the back for allowing your warrior to admit and be comfortable with, having great spiritual Masters--even including Jesus--communicate with her directly. Very bold. Looking forward to the next adventure."--L.M., Chico, CA

"I liked your book more than Harry Potter and the DaVinci Code combined." -- B. W., Roseville, CA

"The Huna Warrior is so visual--definitely a page-turner!"-- Maureen E., El Dorado Hills, CA