The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins features Kat Romero, a newly appointed vice-principal of Susan B. Anthony High School in Folsom, California. Through her eyes we glimpse the everyday problems inherent in every American public high school: student clashes, collegial complaints and the inside politics of the school district. As Kat meets all of these challenges head-on, she finds herself in danger from enigmatic forces—forces slowly revealed to her through, Kalani, a Hawaiian student she befriends.

Kat suddenly discovers that she is a descendent of the Hawaiian kahuna--shamans trained in the ancient lore called Huna, the Hawaiian word for secret. The ancient kahuna could perform incredible feats like walking on hot lava, healing broken bones, and even praying an enemy to death. Kalani recognizes Kat as the chosen one who must protect the ancient magic as well as stop the mysterious deaths of Hawaii’s surviving kahuna. Kat steps into her destiny as the Huna Warrior.

The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins incorporates the true ancient Hawaiian wisdom known as Huna, a once secret system which was first revealed by Max Freedom Long in the 1930’s. Kat’s unique application of these time-tested principles offers hope and enlightenment to anyone in need of inspiration and personal empowerment. As the Huna Warrior, Kat Romero spearheads the next popular phenomenon sure to enchant readers everywhere and capture the imagination of the world. The Huna Warrior has arrived.

The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins has earned a Bronze medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the category of Visionary Fiction, 2007. Prairie Angel Press has won Best Media Package for The Huna Warrior at the Northern California Publishers Association Awards ceremony held in April, 2007.

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