Jennifer Martin is a writer and former educator living in northern California. She holds a BA in English/Drama and an MA in Educational Administration and is listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 1998 edition.

A published author since the age of ten, Jennifer is the co-author, along with Rosemary Dean, of The Angels Speak: Secrets From the Other Side and has stories in the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series: Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul (co-authored by her husband, Bud Gardner), Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Letters, Chicken Soup for the Sisters Soul 2, Chicken Soup for the Women Golfers Soul, Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christian Teen Talk.

For many years, Jennifer has had an abiding interest in Hawaiian metaphysics and spirituality. At writing conferences, she has been a speaker on the subject of metaphysical fiction and the “cultural creatives” as well as encouraging people to tell their own story. In addition, she often gives talks at schools about the value of writing and the need for improving writing skills in public education.

Her interest in Huna began in the 1980's when her metaphysics teacher, Barbara Klein, picked Huna, the Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking by William Glover as the book to study for a metaphysics group in which Jennifer participated. Jennifer became a member of Huna Research, Inc., an organization that promotes the Huna philosophy worldwide. In 1983, she received her certification to teach Huna and has given many workshops in Huna in northern California. Her novel, The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins, is the result of combining her passion for Huna with her vast experience as a high school teacher and administrator. For the past year, she has hosted a monthly Huna Healing Circle at her home in Roseville, California. She is also a recipient of the Northern California Publishers  and Authors  Best Media Package award. The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins, won a Bronze Medal at the 2007 IPPY awards in the category of Visionary Fiction.

For over twenty years, Jennifer has hosted and produced television programs in the Sacramento area as well as nationally on the Travel Network. With the exception of the latter, her productions have always centered on educational and metaphysical themes. Additionally, she has been the on-camera talent for many local television commercials and industrial movies and has appeared in movies such as Wisdom with Demi Moore and Fortune Dane, starring Carl Weathers. She even worked with Edward James Olmos to help cast his movie American Me.

Because of her interest and experience in television and film media, she started writing screenplays. Her first one, The Hunatics (rhymes with lunatics), a coming-of-age drama about teenage kahunas in Maui, won the Columbine Award at the Moondance International Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado, in August, 2008. The Columbine award is given to work which exemplifies non-violence solutions to problems. Isn't that the Huna way of life? The Hunatics also received an Honorable Mention in the Television/Movie Script category from the 77th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition, placing 26th out of 100 entries. The Hunatics has been named one of the top three screenplays in the nation by KIDS FIRST!, a film and video festival sponsored by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media in 2009. And, lastly, The Hunatics was made a Gold Kahuna Award Winner at the 2011 Honolulu Film Awards as well as a Silver Award Winner at the 2011 California Film Awards.

Jennifer's second screenplay, Firewalker, won Honorable Mention at the 2010 California Film Awards as well as a recommendation from the KIDS FIRST film and video festival for 2010. And her most recent screenplay, A Man of His Word, was selected as a Best of Category Award Winner at the 2011 California Film Awards and took third place in the Writers Place screenwriting competition for May-October, 2011.

In April of 2012, Jen entered a video, Breaking Ground for Peace, in the Sacramento International Film Festival's Cine Visionaries category which gave the entrants seven minutes to tell an inspirational story. Jen's story about the students in the Pacers for Peace Club at Grant Union High School in Sacramento trying to create an international peace park won first place!! This was the first video she ever produced, along with the help of friends Deborah Whitman and Tom Pettit. You can view it at

In 2013, Jennifer had her work published in Not Your Mother's Book on Travel and Not Your Mother's Book on Holidays. And in 2014, Jennifer's third book, Psoriasis-A Love Story was published. This latest creative effort tells about her 30-year struggle to heal herself of psoriasis by going outside the confines of traditional medicine and embracing alternative treatments and protocols. Check out her newest website at: